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A portion of the DPI web site and/or portions of any DPI-related web sites may be maintained for "chat" entertainment purposes. Although DPI is unable to control third party content on this portion of the DPI web site or any such portion of DPI related web sites, it shall be DPI's policy to prohibit visitors from posting infringing, defamatory, libelous or other unlawful material and DPI reserves the right to monitor and delete any postings deemed inconsistent with the policy described above. Notwithstanding the foregoing, DPI hereby gives notice that it does not edit or prescreen content that appears in chat areas and disclaims any liability with respect to content in the chat areas on the DPI web site or any DPI-related web site.



Membership in this web site requires disclosure of your name, address, credit card number (with expiration date), birth date, e-mail, username and password. Your participation in special events such as contests and polls, may require your providing all or a portion of the foregoing. When users request pages from our server, our Web server automatically collects some information about the users, including their 'Internet Provider' addresses. If you elect to post bulletin board messages on this site, information you disclose will be maintained on the bulletin board. Personal correspondence, such as private e-mail's or letters, may be retained in a file specific to you. DPI shall maintain a record of all notes of communications with you concerning your account.

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We use your information solely in order to process your credit card payment, to facilitate your viewing of our web site and to communicate with you. DPI reserves the right to use such information in the compilation of broad demographic and web site usage statistics provided that there shall be no reference to the personal origins of such information.

DPI reserves the right to communicate to you via your e-mail address in the transmission of periodic newsletters and promotional materials concerning the services and products offered by us, only if such communication has been requested by you and you have the right to indicate at any time that you do not wish to receive such communications from us.

DPI shall exercise at all times reasonable precautions to maintain the security of any information obtained from you including your e-mail address.

DPI provides a secure web page permitting you to submit all billing information when you join the membership portion of our web site in confidence.

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